Monday, November 29, 2010

Hello on Monday Morning

Dear Friends,

The adventure in North Tewksbury ended around 10 AM on Sunday. We said our “Goodbyes” to Kevin and his family, and went off to the Brodeur’s to pick up a chair that they picked up for us at the Home Goods in North Tewksbury. Our Home Goods, like many across the Northeast, seem to have one of a pair of furniture items which we would like to have as a matching set. After multiple telephone calls, Linda found a match to the chair which we purchased at our local Home Goods store.

The ride home had little bumps in the road. As we exited Route 495 onto the Massachusetts Turnpike, the traffic was back up for several exits. The stop and go traffic was not fun.

When we arrived back at our home, we emptied the car quickly, and headed off to a birthday party for my niece’s son who turned two years old. My sister decided to host the party at her house. We arrived an hour or so later than the starting time of 1 PM, but we didn’t miss the blowing out of the candles, and the eating of the birthday cake. My sister knows how to throw a party. I did a head count at one point, and I counted over 30 people which included adults and children. I am betting that my sister was happy when the final person exited her house.

Well it is kind of strange that I am waking up to a house where I have to be quiet, but only for Linda, and not our grandchild. We actually have to conserve our energy for the next few days before I (maybe Linda too) go back to North Tewksbury to pick up Max. We will be baby sitting Max from December 5 through December 12 at our home in the Berkshires. The last time that Max was here was when we had the house in a mess with respect to renovations.

As we left our son’s house yesterday morning, they were planning on going off and getting their first Christmas tree for the house which they purchased last March. They did pick out their first tree, and Kevin has already posted a picture on Facebook. The tree is a mere 11 feet tall. Kevin and Kyla did have some lights from last year’s tree, but when you go from a 6 foot tree, which they put up in their former East Boston apartment, to an 11 foot tree, you might need some more lights, and decorations. Linda and I might help with some kid like decorations some of which were handmade by Kevin when he was a child.

Speaking of decorations, Kevin and Kyla’s neighbors were working feverishly on Sunday to outdo the Curley’s from North Tewksbury. I guess that I did unintentionally set off a battle by helping Kevin putting up a few lights on some bushes next to Kevin’s front door on Saturday. Now Kevin is thinking about putting up more lights on more bushes which he has beyond the front door. The lights which we bought at Home Depot were all sold out by 4 PM on Sunday. This could be a real problem since he would want matching lights. Could Kevin and Kyla’s home end up like the one in the Chevy Chase Christmas movie? The neighbor across the street not only put up those 4 huge deer with spotlights on each one, but he added a Nativity crèche too. I will have Linda try and take some pictures of the Christmas Decorations of Kevin’s street when we go back on Friday. We might stay over on Friday night so that she can take pictures when all the decorations on the street are all it up.

This morning, I will be setting up outdoor lights at our home. I have to move both cars out of the garage, and do a lot of reshuffling of the multiple labeled buckets. While I am doing my thing, Linda has to go through stuff which we pulled out of the closest when we put away the air conditioner. This is the room which Max will be sleeping in.

I am guessing that I will need at least two days to complete the decorations. I just remembered that I have to set up decorations on the deck too so that Linda will be able to see not only the birds, but lighted decorations too.

Some people on our street have their decorations lit up, but the Curley’s will be using colored lights which will make our house stand out. I also purchased some lighted deer at the end of the season to replace the deer which we had when our children were small.

Well, I have to grab a cup of coffee, read the local newspaper, and put on some work clothes.

I have too much to do, and so little time to do so.

I am hoping that the weather cooperates too.

Have a great week at work or play.

Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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