Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hello on Tuesday Morning

Dear Friends,

I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. I was tired fighting trying to get back to sleep.

Our Monday went as planned. Linda never left the house. Actually, she woke up not feeling great. I am guessing the multiple Cosmopolitans from our Sunday afternoon gathering caused some fo the problem. Every once in a while, our bodies send us messages that you can’t do things the way that you did them when you were in your 20’s or 30’s. Me on the other hand felt great!

I left the house to pick up some baking supplies. When Linda rallied a little bit, she decided to make some of her Thanksgiving cookies. She sent me out to purchase two items, and I couldn’t even get that straight. I had to get a package of chopped walnuts, and some canned pumpkin. I see the canned pumpkin on a corner isle, and I see a “Sale” sign. I purchase a thirty once can of the pumpkin thinking that it was a good deal. The can had some kind of strange name on it. When I brought the can home, I read the back of the can. It says: “Made in China”. Linda wanted to gag when I told her what the label said. I returned the can, and got an American can under the “Libby” brand label. I did the mixing for this double batch of cookies, and it wasn’t easy. Linda baked them and then put a glaze on them after they were cooled. She bundled up several dozen of them in batches of one dozen each. We will bring some for Kevin and Kyla, and for the Brodeur’s. These cookies are always a big hit. This is another recipe that we hesitate to give out. An elderly Italian lady from the ITAM gave Linda the recipe several years ago. The cookies get rave reviews for everyone who tastes them.

Linda also spent time wrapping a few surprise gifts for people. Of course, our grandson might get a pre Christmas gift just because he is our grandson.

Sports -- I did watch the Celtics easily roll over their latest victim last night. I did see where the Minnesota Vikings fired their coach. I think Brett might not be far behind him. I can still see the cute pictures of Mike and Danielle’s two cherubs in a picture which Danielle sent over the internet a few weeks ago as they were dressed in Minnesota Viking gear (Danielle grew up in Minnesota). She might want to get them some New England Patriot outfits before this season is over.

Another coach and quarterback might have their jobs in jeopardy in Tennessee.

The Dream Team which makes up the Miami Heat professional basketball team looks more like a nightmare than a pleasant dream. The promise of Lebron James bringing multiple championships to Miami doesn’t seem to be working out. Maybe he should have stayed in Cleveland. His current coach is in jeopardy of losing his job too.

I already have gotten the evil eye from Linda about being civil on Thanksgiving Day, and not talking about the Patriots who will be playing their game about the same time that the 18 of us will be sitting down to dinner at the Brodeur’s. Good thing that all of us have the ability to record the game, and watch it at our leisure.

Ginny has promised that at least one turkey leg of their 24 pound turkey has my name on it.

Speaking of Turkey, I saw one of my Irish Sister City friends in the supermarket parking lot in my travels on Monday. She had a small turkey in her grocery cart. She said that she was going to her sons’ home at the eastern end of the State for Thanksgiving dinner. She bought the small turkey for her and her daughter because she wants to have the good odors of a turkey cooking in her own house. These were my sentiments exactly which I have expressed in a previous e-mail.

Today is travel day for Linda and I. We will be staying at our son’s home which is one street over from the Brodeur’s. Linda and I have changed our mind about coming home the day after Thanksgiving. Yesterday, we were talking about staying in Tewksbury right through the weekend. We might even participate in some Black Friday shopping which we didn’t even do last year. This means that we will bond with my son’s family today and with Ginny and Jerry on Wednesday and Thursday. The rest of the weekend we will keep our options open.

Since I am up so darn early today, I am going to go off to Retro Fitness with the 4:30 AM crowd. I am guessing that I will be taking an afternoon nap in Tewksbury when Max goes down for his nap.

Last night I went off to a place a mile or so up the road to pick up a pizza. This was the first one that we ever ordered from this place called “Pazzo’s.” Linda told the person who answered the telephone that this was out first time ordering a pizza from them. She told them to cook the pizza a little crispy. The pizza was very good, and we will order from them again. When I went to pick the pizza up, I saw a big Hobart mixer like the one Kevin has at his restaurant in East Boston. This place makes their own dough like Kevin does. Of course, the pizza our son makes is bit better than this pizza place. He has more interesting varieties, and toppings which can go on his pizzas.

Well, I have to send a few more e-mails, and I have to put on my work out clothes.

Have a great Tuesday, and Holiday in general.

Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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