Friday, November 19, 2010

Hello on Friday

Dear Friends,

Another day went almost as planned.

We received a telephone a little after 8 AM on Thursday (while Linda was still sleeping). The delivery guys for our basic Maytag washer and dryer asked if they come earlier than scheduled. We said: “Okay”. Once again the Home Depot delivery guys were very efficient and professional. They carefully removed the old washer and dryer (and took them away), and installed the new ones in less than 20 minutes. Linda and I love the new machines, and they did most of the things that our old machines did. We both did some loads of clothes on Thursday, and they worked fine.

If any one needs a washer and dryer, the $500 price which we paid for both of them (not separately) was very reasonable. They do want you to purchase new hoses, dryer hose kit, and the electrical cord for the dryer which does add a few bucks to the $500 price tag.

We really didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for the more expense machines since there are only two adults in our household. I get so confused when I use peoples machines in the homes of friends and relatives because their machines have so many options. For us baby boomers,”less is more.”

If I was a contractor building houses, and washers and dryers were part of the deal, I would install these machines in the home in a heartbeat.

Note – One of the installers said that the washer and dryer should not touch one another. He went to replace a washer and dryer in the home of an elderly gentleman. When the installer tried to take out the washer and dryer, they were welded together. During an electrical storm, the washer and dryer fused together. The installer said that he had to do some extra work getting them apart.

After the installers did their job, Linda went off to her Red Hat breakfast. She then continued on to some stores for which she had some coupons that she couldn’t pass up.

She did have to go to Home Depot to return the hoses to the washing machine. We told the installer that our current braided hoses were a couple months old, so he gave us the new ones back, and said that we could return them. Also, if you ever do get a washing machine installed by Home Depot, they use braided hoses for the hot and cold water lines.

While Linda was doing her thing, I put together a stand (some assembly retired). It went okay until I had to get on the floor, and I had trouble getting up off the floor. As a matter of fact, my back is hurting a little today. I better get back to Retro Fitness soon.

We never did finish returning the two newly carpeted rooms back to normal. By the time Linda returned home from her adventures, she was tired. We should finish the task today.

We did get invited to go to Patrick’s Pub last evening. They had that Irish Band playing there last night. Linda chose to watch reruns, while I watched the Bruins while trying to read a new book. It is the latest James Patterson book called “Cross Fire.”

Social Calendar – I have a UNICO Baseball / Softball Hall of Fame dinner / membership meeting at 6 PM at Zuchinni’s Restaurant. Linda is trying to get a girlfriend to go to the movies, do supper etc.

I see where the Congress might try and raise the Social Security retirement age to 69 for people born after 1960. The way my body is reacting to the aging process might be a real strain on this age group. I can see the post 1960 age group going to work in walkers, and canes, or motorized wheel chairs.

I don’t think that enough people realize that social security is not supposed to be your retirement plan. You better have some money put aside to help get you through your retirement years, or keep on working until you die.

An elderly gentleman wrote a Letter to the Editor in our local newspaper. He said that he has been voting for the Democratic ticket since Herbert Hoover. He said that he would do it all over again. Now this is a man after my own heart!

In his letter, he said that he was proud that Massachusetts voted against Nixon’s Presidency, and that Massachusetts voted for McGovern even though most States voted against him. He said that he was so upset that people like Limbaugh does everything he can to tear down the Democrats. When we Democrats tear down the Republicans, we do have just cause. Weapons of Mass Destruction come to my mind first.

One of my friends was wondering why I have been so psyched for the Thanksgiving Day Holiday. I treat Thanksgiving like the playoffs in professional football, and Christmas like the Super Bowl. Don’t you love it how the Curley Lad can link food and sports together?

We might not get out of the 30’s today in the Berkshires. It is back to a turtleneck and sweaters for the next few days.

Well, I have to get dressed and head of to the Post Office. I am mailing a package off to the woman who had Sarah Palin’s daughter in the “Dancing with the Stars” contest. The people who lose the pool have to send a gift to the winner. This pool involves people from a knitting group which Linda belongs to. If Sarah Palin’s daughter had lost the contest, Linda would have won the pool because her person was the runner up. Oh Darn!

Have great weekend.

Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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