Monday, November 8, 2010

Hello on Monday

Dear Friends,

My bio-rhythm is out of whack because of the daylight changing of the clocks. Since I am up so early, I might as well go off to Retro Fitness with the 4:30 AM crowd.

Well, I had yesterday all messed up with respect to what was going on at my sister’s place. My sister wasn’t having a birthday party for one of her grandchildren; it was a birthday party for my dad on his actual birth date. We had a very nice sit down roast beef supper with all the fixings. My sister made a Swedish Apple pie for dessert which was the highlight of the meal.

Since Linda and I brought a birthday present for Malakai, we eventually said that he could open his present. Since Malakai is into anything that has to do with “Elmo” from Sesamie Street, the gift was so appropriate. Linda found this cute Elmo Hoodie, and it fit Malakai to perfection. The birthday present also included an Elmo Christmas CD which I know that Malakai is going a watch multiple times.

I was really impressed how my niece’s son is really doing so well in his verbal skills, and how well he interacts with people, and how good and smart he is in general for a soon to be 2 year old. Missy is doing a great job as a single Mom who does share parenting with Malakai’s dad.

When the party ended, I dropped Linda off home, and drove my dad back to Lee. His going home to an empty house is really starting to get to him. He should be in a nursing home too, but that would mean selling his home, and using the proceeds to pay for the nursing home until the money is exhausted. We started a little too late to put his house in an irrevocable trust. We have a few more years to go for the trust to kick in so that the nursing home can’t make dad sell the family home. Oh Darn!

The Boston teams took quite a hit over the weekend. The Bruins lost on Saturday, the Patriots lost on Sunday (including their kicker), but the Celtics won last evening. Yes, I watched all three games. The Patriots lost in an most ugly fashion.

Linda had fun at her not crowded Fiber Festival. Of course, this first time event at the Eastern States Exposition grounds can’t compare to the Sheep & Wool Festival in New York State.

Our weather forecast has the words wet snow in the forecast for today. Linda’s Kia is a four wheel drive, not just an all wheel drive. In the past (driving the Neon), she has been afraid to drive when snow is falling or when snow is on the ground. Right now, she feels like she is “Queen of the Road” when she is driving the KIA.

I do have to clean the driver’s side floor mat. She said that she can still smell the “Ode de Dog” from when I drove the car with dog poop on my sneakers.

Our social calendar today involves getting set for Tuesday’s Irish Sister City Annual dinner meeting. The potluck affair starts at 6 PM. We could have 15 to 20 people if our guests bring their significant others. Taking care of details and the clean up is the most difficult part of hosting such a gathering. We usually have a great selection of food including dessert. There will be much food, fun, and merriment before this night is over.

I know that Linda has a bunch of errands to take care of, but she will do these during the mid morning.

Observation – I was reading my Time magazine yesterday while watching the football games. There was an article on the illusive mushrooms called the “Truffles”. I guess that I didn’t realize how precious and expensive they really are. The article said that they sell for $195 dollars per ounce. I knew that they went from dogs to pigs to find these epicurean delights in a certain region in Italy. The ones grown naturally bring the highest price. Commercially produced ones can’t compare to the ones found in nature. There is the problem. All the chemicals which we spray on crops eventually leaches into the regions where these grow naturally, and mother nature is not producing them like she did in the past. Just think if the Marijuana growers changed to growing truffles how much better off the whole country would be, and they would make more money too.

Politics – I can’t wait until the newly elected candidates start working in January. I want them to experience how difficult to affect change really is. Let us see if they can fulfill their campaign promises quickly like our President thought he could. The Republican leasdrs are already talking about giving our wealthiest citizens a tax break. They also want to dismantle the President’s Health Care initiative. I still contend that the Democrats have our best interests in mind as we baby boomers age.

Have a great week at work or play.

Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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