Monday, November 22, 2010

Hello on Monday Morning

Dear Friends,

Linda went off with her girlfriend as scheduled at 9 AM. They did do breakfast, hit the Crafts Fair, and did some more recreational shopping at the Lee Outlets. I did some puttering around the house before an impromptu gathering of our godchild, her boyfriend, her parents and our Dalton friends. I did have all intentions of sitting on my butt with a male friend or too, and watch the Patriot game, but that never materialized.

Linda’s girl friend just happened to have a tray of chicken wings in her refrigerator, so her husband brought them to the gathering. I heated up the wings, Linda put out some chips and dip, I made the drinks, and we partied for a couple of hours. I missed most of the first half or the game socializing; accidentally broke a bottle of Vodka on our bar floor when I grabbed a container of cranberry juice which was behind the Vodka, cleaned up the mess somewhat while bartending. After a couple hours of socializing, our guests left, and my Dalton friend and I were the only ones left in my man cave, and we watched the fourth quarter of the Patriot Game alone.

The Patriots just barely escaped with a win when they intercepted the ball with 58 seconds left in the game.

Our godchild and her boyfriend did seem like a happy as a couple. The important thing is that they both are enjoying the direction in which they are heading at the current time. Our godchild is going to the University of Montana in Missoula, which is where our son Kevin graduated from. Our course, Linda whips out two albums of our visits to the University of Montana, and to the various places where Kevin took us to in Montana. We baby boomers all agreed that the younger generation takes pictures, but doesn’t have the patience or desire to make prints, and create photo albums like Linda has always done. Those albums were a big hit during the couple hours which we socialized. Oops, I almost forgot to tell you why our godchild is going to the University. She wants to be a nurse who goes on helicopters or airplanes on those rescue missions, or to transport patients from the place of an accident to the hospital, or being with a medical team which is with a patient who is being transferred from one hospital to another hospital. She already has a four year degree in the hospitality area, but that didn’t seem to be her niche in life. When you are young, you have to follow your dream, and find something that you can do for the rest of your life.

Observation -- This is the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Texas. Most of us baby boomers know exactly where we were when we heard the news. I remember that I was in the office area of Lee High School. I still remember seeing a female physical education teacher (Linda Jo Moran at the time) in tears as the news reports were coming into the school. There were no televisions in my high school at the time. Someone must have picked up the sad news on the radio. We all went home to our black and white televisions and stayed glued to the television through the whole ordeal.

By the time that I entered college in the middle 60’s, the books were coming out about the assignation. I remember reading the “Warren Commission” book / report. And writing paper after paper discussing why, and who killed President Kennedy, and whether it was a plot or not, etc. This was a sad period in the lives of us baby boomers. Shortly after graduating from College in 1968, the War in Vietnam was starting to heat up as well as the protests on College Campuses, and throughout the nation. I really trusted our government that we were fighting in Vietnam to stop Communism, but I was in the minority.

You would think that we would have learned from the Vietnam War, but we just seem to continue believing that killing each other, and building bigger and better methods to do so, are the best way to resolve conflicts. We mix in a little religion, and cultural differences and people in their own countries can’t get along. Today I see where North Korea is flexing its muscle with respect to weapons of mass destruction, but yet they can’t even get along with their brother and sisters for South Korea.

As we spend time with family and friends for the Thanksgiving Holiday, it reminds me that the average person just wants access to the American dream. I believe that the average person wants a place to call home, to start a family, and to surround themselves with family and friends. The only fighting that I want to do on Thanksgiving is to make sure at least one of the Turkey legs ends up on my plate. If all the peoples of the world spent more time with their families and their friends, people wouldn’t even think about killing another human being.

Have to go and finish my morning routine.

I also have to do a little packing for our trip to the Eastern part of the State.

I did have some thoughts about putting up some outside Christmas decorations, but I might wait until after Thanksgiving.

Have a great couple of days until all of you celebrate Thanksgiving.

Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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