Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hello on Wednesday

Dear Friends,

Linda had fun playing Mah Jongg with her Tuesday group of women.

My dentist had a cancellation, and asked if I wanted to come in on Tuesday at 2:30 PM for my routine dentist checkup. I decided to get it done instead of waiting until the middle of next week. I couldn’t believe it when the dentist said that I had no cavities. There was a negative because he pointed out that I have the beginnings of periodontal disease. He said that I had to stop the bad stuff from happening by flossing and using mouth wash after every teeth brushing.

The Annual Pittsfield Irish Sister City meeting went very well last evening. There much food, fun, and merriment before the evening ended. Our last three guests left at 10:15 PM. Clean up really easy because we used plastic utensils, plastic cups, and paper plates. Every one took home their dishes which had very little food left in them. We had quite a good selection of food including some great homemade desserts. We started off with a delicious anti pasto dish, and dish of all kinds of olives, and spicing stuffed peppers. We had two types of chicken wings with one being of the spicy variety. There was pot roast with carrots, and potatoes, scalloped potatoes, meat balls, Kapusta, and a tossed salad. No one left this party hungry!

Were there any negatives? The only one which I could think of is people not responding whether they were going to come to the dinner meeting or not. We have about 20 members if I remember correctly. When someone hosts a party, like the Curley’s did last evening, it is so difficult to plan for, and take care of the details. Every one of the members had been sent several reminder e-mails, and only two people had said that they weren’t coming. A senior citizen member, who doesn’t own a computer, made it to the meeting, and brought a dessert. She actually dropped the dessert off at our house in the morning because she wasn’t sure if she could make the meeting because her 71 year old sister, had a stroke, massive heart attack, and was in a coma, and the family was just waiting for a telephone call that their sister had departed from this earth.

The officer who ran the meeting kept it short, and kept it focused, and kept discussion to a minimum.

Social Calendar – I think that Linda just wants to chill today. I am pretty sure that neither of us have anything booked in except for Linda’s Knitting group which meets at Panera Bread each Wednesday at 6 PM. I have some clean up in the basement to take care of. I am going to take an afternoon nap for sure today.

Observation -- Sometimes I babble a good deal in my daily blog, but some of my readers often think some of my suggestions are pretty good. One of the guest’s at the meeting was telling me that he had forgotten that he had one of those Food Saver Seal-A-Meal devices hidden away in some cabinet or storage closet in his home. He took it out for the first time the other day, and started using it. I did tell him that there are little tricks that I have learned over the years when using the device. Walmart has all the replacement bags and rolls for the Food Saver Machine.

A few years ago, I talked about crock pots so much that some people went out and bought them, while others resurrected them from some nook and cranny in their home.

At one point last night, we started talking about Fondues which was big in the 70’s. I remember doing fondues for our children. Our oldest son liked the cheese fondues. We also did the meat ones as well as the chocolate fondues too.

I can see a fondue party at the Curley’s one of these days. We have three fondue pots which were heated by a sterno, and we don’t own one of the new electric non stick ones.

Linda played some records last evening because one of our guests is a huge Bruce Sprinsteen (his mom was Italian) fan. This guest drove last week to Pittsburgh to a Bruce Sprinsteen Concert. This friend has whole bunches of albums like the Curley’s, and our Dalton friend. The Sister City friend has a soon to be 21 year old son. When his son saw his father’s collection of records, he asked his father what these round vinyl things were?

Doesn’t it make all of us baby boomers feel really old?

Eventually, I can see Linda and me in a nursing home with our record player, and boxes of albums, and listening to the Beatles, James Taylor, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Abba, Foreigner, etc. Can’t you visualize all the patients who are in the nursing home hearing the music coming from the Curley room, and stopping by to do a little reminiscing, and partying? Maybe medicinal Marijuana will be legal then, and we can have a grand old time. I will see if I can use the ovens in the nursing home and make some marijuana brownies. This could be a good thing instead of the nursing home dispensing drugs to keep us patients quiet and happy.

Well, I have to finish my morning routine, and clean up my Man Cave.

I hope no one calls so that Linda can sleep as late as she wants too. She worked very hard last evening trying to coordinate everything as I tended to peoples’ beverages needs.

Have a great Wednesday!

Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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