Friday, September 10, 2010

Hello on Friday

Dear Friends,

Thursday ended up being a 12 hour day for me. I worked in the basement from 8:30 AM until the start of the NFL Football game which was 8:30 PM. I made decisions without Linda, and I threw out items that I hope that she doesn’t as me to go get for her.

I did have my 3 PM meeting in the basement since I cleaned up the bar area well enough for my guests to sit on the bar stools. I think that Linda and I will need one more day of working together, and then the basement will be habitable.

Yesterday was trash pick up day. I added to the amount of trash all day long because they don’t pick up the trash until around 3 PM.

Linda made it through her retiree breakfast, and body maintenance procedure. As she left the house, I told her to go and buy a car which she proceeded to do. She stopped by in the middle of the 3 PM meeting and showed me the 2006 KIA Sportage that she eventually signed the dotted line on. An elderly gentleman drove the car about 24,000 miles before he turned it in the other day. It hasn’t even been cleaned up since the guy just brought it in a day ago. The elderly gentleman wanted to change to a sedan.

The car would be great for getting in my ice fishing gear, grass clipping which I take to the resource recovery plant, etc. Linda said that this is her car, and don’t even think about trashing her car! She will be picking up the car in a day or so.

She seemed so excited, and happy about the purchase, and I was happy for her. She has been killing herself trying to get our house back to normal, dealing with the insurance company, contractor, etc.

We are now working on getting rid of the 1996 Neon. The Neon was the last car that we purchased in the brand new condition.

Today is golf day for me. It will be a long pants and a sweater day for golf. I am going to take a nap after golf.

Linda doesn’t have to move until the car dealer calls and says that her car is ready.

She is booked in for a girls’ night at the Dakota Restaurant at 6:30 PM. Like I said yesterday, the party continues on at 8 PM at a house party where we males will hook up with our significant others.

Saturday morning, I will be gathering up my tailgating stuff and heading east to North Tewksbury. I will be staying at the Brodeur’s on Saturday and possibly Sunday night after the Patriot Game. I will also weave in a visit to see the grandchild who lives one street over from the Broduer’s. I have been watching the Boston news channel the past few days. We might make it through the game before some rain hits Foxboro. Kevin did get a third person to attend the game. The brother-in-law of his partner in the restaurant will be joining us.

Kevin called last evening, and told us how the renovation is going. He has about another day or so, and everything will be done. He said his usual customers have been coming to the door looking to purchase food. He hated to turn them away. I would imagine that he will have some specials next week to lure them back. Yesterday, he had a whole bunch of police and fireman come to the door wanting to purchase some of his great foods that he and his workers prepare. He has been killing himself for the past two weeks. Like father like son!

Speaking of the game, can you believe that Tom Brady got in a car accident in Boston while on the way to practice at Gillette Stadium yesterday morning? A guy ran a red light, and hit Tom’s car broadside. Brady walked away from the scene, but the other guy had to be hospitalized. Brady said that he was fine yesterday, but I would imagine that he might be a little sore today.

Yesterday also was the day that they extended Brady’s contract until 2014. He will be making about $20 million per year.

When the fireman and EMT’s arrived at the scene, they were dealing with the injured guy, who has had numerous driving violations. The emergency personnel didn’t even know that the other guy in the accident was the quarterback of the Patriots. Luckily, there were witnesses of the accident so that the other guy can’t claim that he wasn’t at fault.

While I am out of town, Linda will be having a good time too. She is booked into an event at the Colonial Theater with a bunch of Irish Sister City friends for Saturday night.

I am already booked in for Monday. I will be on a noon time Radio Talk Program with some Irish friends as well as our guest from Ballina.

While at the meeting yesterday, one of the guys in attendance asked me how I was doing physically. I told him that I could lose a few pounds, but that I was feeling great. So then I asked him how he is doing. He is 62 years old, a year younger than me, and he had a silent stroke. He is teaching at my former High School. He is not retired like me because he started his teaching career later on in life. He is on Coumadin, a drug that I know well when I had a blood clot (DVT). He said that he changed his eating life style and lost 30 pounds. He has the shakes in both hands, and one arm has no strength even though he works out.

Like I always say “life is a crapshoot.” You never know what each day brings to you, your loved ones, and friends. I opened one of the Chinese cookies the other day, and the saying on the slip of paper said “Enjoy each day as though it was your last.”

I understand and get the message, but I am not sure all of my friends do.

Well, I have to read the newspaper, and finish my morning routine. My friend and neighbor up the street will be picking me up for golf since we currently are functioning with only one car.

Have a great weekend even though it might be on the fall like side.

Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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