Monday, September 27, 2010

Hello on Monday

Dear Friends,

Well our Sunday didn’t go as planned.

I did go off to the nursing home to visit dear old mom on Sunday. Shortly after I was in my mother’s room, Linda called to say that our son Kevin, and his son were at our doorstep as she was reading the Sunday newspapers.

I ended the short visit to come home and bond with our son and our grandchild.

Even though Max is not walking yet, he sure was a human dynamo for the whole day. He appears to be about a week or so from walking. He can crawl just as fast as an almost 14 month old child can walk. His big new learned trick yesterday was to crawl from the family room out onto the deck by way of the sliding glass doors. We kept the doors open because their two dogs made the trip from Tewksbury too, and they were going in and out like Max.

We thought that the visit was going to be just for the day, but Kevin decided to sleep over, and head home early this morning after Max wakes up and has breakfast.

Kyla, his wife, didn’t make the trip because she was in California at a friend’s wedding in Wine Country. She will be returning today.

We asked who took care of Max on Saturday when Kevin went into East Boston to run his restaurant since Kyla wasn’t home. Kevin said that Max went to work with him. Kevin was teaching Max about the food preparation business. He even took Max on some deliveries and a small catering gig where they prepared several trays of sandwiches for a community group.

I asked Kevin how everything is going with respect to Max, and both parents working. He said that everything was going well. He did tell me a story of one day when Kyla and Max were home alone. Kyla got distracted, and Max crawled up the stairs to the second floor without her knowing so. Kyla went looking for Max when she realized that he wasn’t there. She looked everywhere on the first floor where they had both been. She found him in the Master Bedroom playing with the clothes in their walk in closet.

I did remind Kevin that he was like that when he was growing up. On one occasion, we hired a baby sitter, and went out with another couple. We received a frantic telephone call from the baby sitter that she couldn’t find Kevin. This happened when there were no cell phones. We gave the baby sitter some places to look. Kevin was hiding under a couch in the living room.

Payback is a wonderful thing!

It was difficult for us to watch the whole Patriot Game without chasing after Max, but we were able to see almost all of it.

Linda whipped up a pork loin supper with green beans, and over roasted potatoes. One of Kevin’s childhood friends joined us for supper.

Pork loins are not the type of meat that we usually cook in the crock pot because they are so lean. Linda cooked it to perfection in our oven. She also puts her own spices on one of these pork loins which are different than the crock pot types of pork.

Note – I had to stop today’s blog because Max woke up at 6 AM, and I had to go into baby sitting mode. I made him breakfast, We have been outside with the dogs, and now his into playing with plastic containers.

Well, Linda just got up, and I have a helper.

Sports – The Patriots did win their game , but was supposed to be by over 14 points.

Even though I went to bed early, the orar of the crowd woke me up. I watched Papelbon lose the lead in the bottom of the 9th inning, and eventually watch Okajima walk in the winning run in the bottom of the 10th inning.

Have to go for now.

Kevin just got up, and has to head out the door. He has to drop off Max at daycare in North Tewksbury before going to his restaurant at “Dough East Boston.”

Have a great week at work or play.

Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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