Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hello on Saturday

Dear Friends,

Another day went as planned on Friday. My golf game was okay, and I did break 100, but our team still had to pay the maximum of 3 dollars. The three dollars is really not a big deal because in a few weeks we will have our final pizza party for the season.

Linda had to miss her retiree breakfast because the carpet guys did come to the house at 9:30 AM. We now have new carpeting on the stairs leading to the second floor, and in the hallway on the second floor. It is a nice and dark colored carpet which will hide dirt stains quite well.

The contractor is coming on Tuesday to replace some ceiling tiles in the basement. Linda and I have to hang some pictures in the basement, and we will finally be back to normal. The journey has been long, but the changes have really made the damaged portion of the home look pretty nice.

We are almost ready to have a party!

I didn’t take my usual nap after golf because we had some errands to do. We picked up some smaller mums at Home Depot, but our main goal was to find a way to hang some metal art work in the first floor laundry room. It sounds like a simple job, but the usual hanging devices, which we normally hang pictures with, just wouldn’t work. I now understand why simple errands turn out to be not so simple.

For supper, we hooked up with a south county couple, and went to a place called “The Heritage House” located in the town of Lenox. Lenox was actually hopping when we arrived around 6:30 PM because some people were setting up tents for this weekend’s Apple Squeeze event. The “Heritage House” was hopping too. The evening temperatures were very pleasant. Our friends were lucky enough to get a table outside. We had a lot of food, fun, and merriment for several hours before we called it a night.

Linda and another girlfriend will be heading off to the Apple Squeeze while I am doing my volunteer work during the day today.

We both have to come home, and get dressed for the evening birthday for an Irish Sister City friend. The Polish Falcon hall will be hopping this evening. I think that we have to be there at 6 PM because this is supposed to be a surprise birthday party for the lady.

Today also happens to be Linda’s birthday, but it looks like we won’t be celebrating it today.

Observation -- Speaking of birthdays, another friend had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. She turned 60 years old. She didn’t want a party at all, and she is always up for a party. She stayed home with her boyfriend, and had some Chinese food delivered.

Every person has a different way of celebrating a birthday. As some people get older, they sometimes want to forget that they have become another year older.

Since I am a people person, I prefer to be surrounded by people. I am also fortunate to have my birthday two days before Christmas, and I can make my birthday a Christmas Party.

Another friend, who is of French decent, usually goes out to a French Restaurant to celebrate his birthday. It is sometimes just a husband and wife affair.

I have also noticed that women are so different when it comes to having birthdays compared to men. Women want to hide the fact that they are another year older. They usually want to keep their age a secret, and want people to think that they are younger than they really are. My position is that if most of the body parts are working okay, and I still have my hair, and not too many wrinkles, that I am one happy person.

None of us can stop the aging process. We can slow the process down by doing certain things, like exercise, eating the right food, etc., but we are all going to get old. I hope that I will be able to do it gracefully.

This is a busy and event filled weekend in the Berkshires. There is an Alzheimer’s walk today on our Berkshire Rail trial. Sunday there is an ALS walk. Some friends went to Boston for Breast Cancer walk. There are all kinds of plays and events every where in the county. If our grandchildren were with us, we would be heading off to Whitney’s farm in search of the perfect pumpkins. Whitney’s even has a small playground, and petting zoo, and a corn maze.

When the sun comes up, I will be working in the back yard. I have some dead plants to dispose before I go off to my volunteer activity.

Sports – I did fall asleep watch the Red Sox do battle with the Yankees. I couldn’t believe that the Sox let the Yankees almost make it all the way back from a 10 to 1 lead that the Sox had.

Have a great weekend.

Get out and enjoy this time of the year.

Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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