Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello on Wednesday Morning

Dear Friends,

Hope that all of you had a great Tuesday. The temperatures soared into the middle 80’s here in the Berkshires.

We have a little morning rain today before the sun pops out of the clouds.

Tuesday went as planned for the both of us.

Linda played Mah Jongg at a friend’s home until 4 PM.

I did my multiple errands, and gave the lawn a trim. I even made time for a 10 AM funeral. An Irish Sister City friend lost her 52 year old son to a car accident. He was struck by a car while crossing a street. He struggled with his injuries, but they were too severe to overcome. No parent ever wants to bury their own son!

I did take an afternoon nap, but it wasn’t as easy as it sounds. The next door neighbors were having tree work done to a tree that seems to be slowly falling apart. The tree crew fired up the wood chipper just as I put my head on the pillow. I put on the air conditioner in the bedroom to help drown out the noise. I fell asleep before they finished the job.

No one wanted to cook anything so we went off Matt Reilly’s for some fish and chips for supper.

Sports – The Red Sox were getting beat so badly that I shut off the game. Watching “Dirty Harry” reruns were more exciting than the game. At least I knew who was going to win in those movies.

Social Calendar – I am booked in for a 9 AM tee time with a couple of friends. Linda has a routine eye appointment while I am at the golf course.

We also have to drop off the Neon at a place that fixes electrical problems. She can function without air conditioning, but not without all the gauges working. It would be nice to know how fast that the car is going or when the gas tank needs a fill up.

Observation – The American minister who wants to burn the Koran has already got the Muslims in the world all fired up especially in the war torn regions. I am worried about our troops who are in those areas. The Muslims will take out their anger on the soldiers or anything American.

While in Church yesterday, I saw several people with blouse or shirt tags sticking out of their garments. I was wondering what was the appropriate way to remedy the situation. Should I quietly say something, or just tuck the tag into the garment, or just mind my own business? The hands on approach could possibly get me in trouble!

We missed an evening of fun and merriment on Tuesday. Some of our Irish friends were meeting at Patrick’s Pub to do a little socializing with our guest from our Sister City in Ballina, Ireland. Neither of us had the stamina to party on.

A group of Irish friends and our guest are going off to Dream Away Lodge this evening for some food, and open mike night. Linda and I might take another pass. The Curley’s giving up chances to party is highly unusual.

After golf today, I might go into the basement and do some work to help get the basement back in working order. Since we are busy through the weekend, the both of us will be unable to work together until next week. I need supervision. There are some items which I need to have the “okay” to throw out.

Have a great Wednesday.

Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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