Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hello on Thursday morning

Dear Friends,

Our Thursday went as planned with respect to lunch and going to a movie. The lunch and the movie were great.

We did a little shopping after the movie. I did forget that Linda had her Wednesday night knitting group gathering at Panera Bread which started at 6 PM.

I was in bed by the time that she arrived home.

I never did go and visit Mom on Wednesday, but I will do so after playing a quick nine holes of golf today with the usual suspects. I am not sure if she will be at the hospital, or whether she will be going back to the nursing home. The golf course is about 3 miles from the hospital.

Observation – I am already tired of the political advertisements on television. The mud slinging has really begun. Since we get the New York news since we are part of the Albany, New York Time Warner district, I have been watching the Cuomo vs Paladino fight for Governor. The Republican Challenger is within a percentage point of Cuomo as of last night. The Republican claims that he is going to bring a fresh face to the Governor’s office. Andrew Cuomo has been in the political arena his whole life, and has followed quite well in his father’s footsteps. If I could vote for Andrew I would. Paladino is running on a platform as an agent of change. He is a self made millionaire who has earned over $10 million dollars from rent subsidies because of housing properties which he owns. Of course, he is going to cut out waste, but won’t stop the flow of his income from these state and federal subsidized rents.

What really is sad is that the voters will be throwing out some really good politicians. Andrew Cuomo is the current Attorney General of New York State. From all the reports, he has been doing a great job. He actually is good Presidential material.

Sports – The Red Sox won last evening. So what! The Sox play the Yankees this weekend. Even if they win the series, I think that their season is all over. Too little, too late!

I was also thinking about last week’s edition of Sports Illustrated magazine. When a Sport’s figure gets his picture on the front cover of the magazine, it seems to be a kiss of death. It was for Tom Brady and the Patriots. The Patriots should beat Buffalo this weekend, but you never know on any given weekend.

Social Calendar – I am not sure if Linda has any commitments. Tonight was supposed to be a book club meeting, but I don’t think that the participants were free. I do know that she has to return some household items which she purchased yesterday. She has been having a bad run of luck of buying items that don’t work as described on the package, or curtains to long or too short, or lamp shades that don’t work on any of the lights which we have in our home, etc.

I think that she is really ready for a day of total relaxation, and me not bugging her. I don’t think that that this could ever happen.

Have a great Thursday.

Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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