Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hello on Wednesday

Dear Friends,

My political comments stirred up a good deal of discussion. During the back and forth e-mails, I found out that some readers are members of the Tea Party. The Tea Party won quite a few elections across the nation including knocking out some long term incumbents. I can see where the Tea Party and a good portion of the country are tired of the current two party system.
President Obama wanted change when he got elected, but soon realized that change doesn’t come as fast as he wanted it to happen.
I don’t see a need for a new party which thinks that they are going to solve all the problems without the Democrats and the Republicans. The Tea Party people should decide which of the parties’ best fits their ideals. Instead of creating a new beast, the advocates of the Tea Party should work to strengthen the party of their choice. As an example, if the Tea Party thinks that the Republicans have lost touch with some of the diehard principles which they were based on, then work to get the Republican Party back on track.

Our Tuesday went as planned. I played a quick nine holes of golf, and then headed off to see Mom at the hospital. I asked the attending physician to explain exactly what were all of mom’s problems, and how to proceed. The doctor said that there were only two options; death by starvation, or insert a feeding tube into Mom. My father, sister and I have decided that the second option is what we are going to do.
It appears that we are getting close to the Good Lord taking mom. Mom has been ready for that to happen for quite some time.

After my visit, I sat down with the Mah Jongg ladies and had lunch with them since Linda was hosting the Tuesday session. When they went off to play their multiple games, I went into the Man Cave to do a little work of returning the basement to normal.
Linda has promised me that today we will work together, and finish that task.

We had to drop the Kia to the dealer yesterday afternoon because there was a part in the vehicle that was on a recall list. Our dealer said that they would fix the part so that we wouldn’t have to go through the process of getting it fixed. I say process because the part has to be fixed at a Kia Dealership with Albany, New York being the closest one to us in Berkshire County. All other repairs can be done at the local Subaru dealership where we purchased the car.
Yesterday, I kept on looking at the Kia from top to bottom, and I couldn’t find one ding or knick in the car. These are the ones that all of get in parking lots. I have done that multiple times to the Neon in our own garage. I don’t know how the previous owner went from 2006 to 2010 without getting a mark on his car. Linda (& me) bought a real gem for being a used car. The car also is a 6 cylinder vehicle. We have had four cylinder cars for most of our married life. I can wait to see how the car runs while traveling on the Massachusetts Turnpike or on any long trip.

We (mostly Linda) sold the Neon yesterday too. Linda put an advertisement in the newspaper for one week starting on Wednesday. The cash sale took place at 4:30 PM on Wednesday. I am going to clean and wash the car before the new female owner picks up the car during the late afternoon today. I also have to remember to take out the transponder, and cancel the Neon, and add the Kia to the transponder.

I hope that if there were elections in your town or State that your candidate won. Our Democratic ticket had many people on the ballot with no opposition. The big Democratic election (no Republican candidates) in Berkshire County was for County Sheriff. A former student of mine and a member of the Pittsfield police force for 24 years was going up against a career State politician from a nearby Berkshire town. Who do you think won a convincing victory? The politician conceded the election early Tuesday evening.

Well, I have been up so early because I couldn’t sleep because I had so many things on my mind that I am going back to bed after sending this e-mail.
Have a great Wednesday.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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