Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hello on Tuesday Morning

Dear Friends,

My day on Monday didn’t start as planned. My sister called at 9:30 AM and said that the nursing home was sending Mom to the hospital. The nurse told my sister that she thought that Mom wasn’t going to make it. I met my sister in the emergency room, and Mom was sitting up in bed (hooked up to oxygen and monitors), but in an unconscious state.

Well, Mom is still on this earth as of yesterday. She was admitted to the hospital, and she was diagnosed with pneumonia. Her lungs are all congested, and filled with fluid.

I went to see her before I went off to my 6 PM UNICO board meeting, but she wasn’t in the room that they told me she was supposed to be located in. The nurse told me that she hadn’t arrived on the fourth floor yet. I will stop in after I vote, and play a quick nine holes of golf with the usual suspects.

Since Mom really wasn’t on death’s door, I kept my appointment for the noon time radio talk program.

Mom spent most of the day going through a battery of tests before she finally got to her room. Her heart, kidneys, etc. are still working pretty well for a soon to be 94 year old woman. I am hoping that she will be able to speak to me when I go there today.

I too realize that pneumonia for an elderly person is much worse than for someone thirty years younger like me.

Linda did her thing while I was going through dealing with Mom. Her Kia Sportage was delivered to the house while I was at my meeting. She drove it around the block, and that was it.

She did put an advertisement in the local newspaper about the NEON being for sale. I imagine that the telephone will be a bit active today.

I will be putting the Neon on the street; parking the Kia in the garage to make room for the Tuesday Mah Jongg players since Linda is hosting the session today.

I have a boneless beef roast brewing in the crock pot for supper tonight.

Our Irish Sister City meeting this evening was cancelled because we didn’t have enough members for a quorum.

Aunt Gladys’ son and his wife, who live in Fort Meyers, Florida, went to the nursing home to visit Mom not knowing that Mom was at Berkshire Medical Center. I chatted with my cousin on my cell phone while he was at the hospital, and he mentioned that the last few times that he has tried to visit my mom (while visiting), she always seems to be in the hospital.

I have to enter some meeting dates and events for UNICO in my calendar before finishing my morning routine.

The poles open at 7 AM this morning, and I will be among the early ones. You know that I will be voting for a Democratic ticket.

Observation – Speaking of voting, I still think that if any candidates for the primaries are incumbents, they are in jeopardy of losing their jobs. The Republican talking heads have been sending a daily message that our President has us heading in the wrong direction, and that all politicians are corrupt, and not doing their jobs.

The Tea Party people really scare me. These bible toting, non tolerant individuals are pretty equivalent to some of the terrorists whom we are fighting throughout the world. If they really think that they are like the American Revolutionists who fought the British when our country was in the formation stages, then we are in real trouble if their candidates get elected.

I am so glad that I was born into a Democratic family. I will be a Democrat for the remaining days of my life on this earth.

Sports – I did watch a little NFL football last night. I was so glad to see the Jets lose. The Patriots will be playing them this weekend in an away game. Could the Jets be overrated?

I watched some of the Chargers vs Chiefs game. I thought I was listening to a Patriot game. Several of the Kansas City coaches are former Patriot coaches. The player personnel guy (Pioli) worked for the Patriots too. Cassel, the Chiefs quarterback, was the back up quarterback when Tom Brady went down for a season ending injury two years ago. This team might be a hidden jewel in their division.

The Red Sox won. Who cares?

Have to go and do some quiet chores.

Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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