Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hello on Sunday Morning

Dear Friends,

Our Saturday went as planned.

We boarded a yellow school bus at 11 AM. Since the bus had no restrooms, we stopped half way at a Dunkin Doughnuts place to stretch our legs, and use the facilities.

The Irish Festival was wonderful. I never did see rings that I wanted to purchase to replace the ones that I either lost the stone in, or cracked the stone in a second ring.

Linda did do a little recreational shopping for me and the grandchildren at the Irish Festival. I think that she purchased a couple of articles of clothing for herself.

She also purchased a couple of CD’s from some of the Irish bands which performed so that she can play them in her Kia which came with a CD player. The Neon had a radio only. My Subaru has a tape deck.

I am going off to the hospital mid morning today to see Mom. She still had a little fever on Saturday that the medical staff is dealing with before she gets sent back to the nursing home.

There is not much going on in our house today. I am all set to watch professional football from 1 PM until after 11 PM.

I am not sure what Linda has planned for today. I would imagine some coupons will be arriving in the Sunday newspapers, and that would mean a little recreational shopping might be on her social schedule. On the hand, she might just want to chill today.

I do know that she has to make a grocery run for some snack food since she is hosting a Mah Jongg session at our house on Monday evening.

We decided not to attend a covered dish gathering at 3 PM today since we had a busy and full week.

The pictures from our Cheshire friends who became grandparents for the first time are hitting the e-mail airwaves. The baby girl is so cute. Having grandchildren is another phase that we retirees go through if we are lucky enough to have fertile children.

Observation – I am watching local news on a Boston Channel right now. I have come to the conclusion that when commercials are made, they shouldn’t me made using the people who own the business. The hokey commercials actually turn me off from ever buying the products that they are selling. The commercials even get worse when the whole family is involved making the commercials.

Have to go, and do the normal Sunday routine before going off to Berkshire Medical Center to visit Mom.

Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

Go Patriots, and beat those New York Jets! The game takes place on a CBS Channel at 4:15 PM today.

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