Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hello on Sunday

Dear Friends,

Another day went as planned for Linda and me.

I arrived at the Melville Block Party a little before 10 AM to help with the cooking of hot dogs and hamburgers. A UNICO brother had just fired up the grill when a lady and her daughter stopped by wanting to purchase some hotdogs. The event didn’t start until 11 AM, but we were serving food around 10:45 AM.

You have to visualize 100’s of our neediest families, and individuals with disabilities, etc. coming to our booth wanting burgers and dogs. We were the only group serving food. Other booths were giving away popcorn, chips, and the Knights of Columbus were selling soda. The party goers would purchase tickets for $1 each. They could purchase a hot dog or hamburger for just 1 ticket each. By 2 PM, we ran out of hot dogs. I decided to leave, and when I did, UNICO had only 40 hamburgers left.

As soon as I arrived home, I took a nap.

The evening birthday party at the Polish Falcon Hall went very well. The organizers provided all the food for the buffet. If Linda and I had known that, we would have made some kind of epicurean delight. Linda and I did notice that the food had an Italian theme to it. The food was wonderful. I did have a second helping of some pasta which I probably shouldn’t have had, but I did come to the affair very hungry.

I think that today neither of us have anything booked into our social calendar. I will be watching the Patriot versus Bills NFL game at 1 PM today. Any household activities will have to take place in the morning.

One of Linda’s girlfriends will most likely give Linda a call, and they will either do breakfast or lunch, and then head off to do some recreational shopping, or head off to attend any of the multiple events going on in the Berkshires today.

I do have one mission for Linda. A local grocery store has rib portion pork roast on sale this week. This is the poor man’s version of prime rib that we cook in a crockpot. When the roast is done, I can slice the meat like I was slicing a prime rib except that it will be pork instead of beef. At $1 per pound, you can’t go wrong. We have several great crock pot recipes that really work for this kind of roast.

Some people who read my daily blog really picked up on me saying that our house renovations are almost complete, and the Curley’s are ready to have a party. They asked me when the first party is taking place. As I look at our October calendar, just about every weekend has us socially engaged. We try to keep some weekends free, but it doesn’t seem to be possible.

Observation – I am really getting tired of all those mud slinging political advertisements. The Republicans, Tea Party people are really spending a great deal of money trying to oust the Democratic incumbents. One of the Albany news channels analyzed one of those political ads. The ad had a bunch of elderly people saying how this incumbent voted to take away or decrease their social security, Medicare, drug prescriptions, etc. The news channel investigated the claims, and they were found not to be true. If the average voter listened to these political advertisements, they would definitely have voted against this very good Democratic incumbent. After seeing this advertisement, I am not going to believe much of the content of any of them. My conclusion is that politics are a very messy and dirty business. I am still going to keep my Liberal Democratic views on voting matters.

News -- The CNN news didn’t have too many interesting items in it today. The only one that jumped out at me was the 37 year old Oregon mom who robbed a bank of $1300. She went from the bank to school to pick up her two children. The police arrested her and her boyfriend as the children were having an after school snack at her home. Talk about a dumb bank robber. I will bet that the bank robbery was drug related.

This goes back to the quote that I picked up somewhere that “Stupid people shouldn’t breed”!

Well, I have to read the Sunday newspapers before Linda wakes up so that I can start my activities one of which will be to visit Mom in the nursing home. She is in her own room now because she has a medical issue that requires anyone going into the room to wear a mask, and gown. Oh Darn!

Have great Sunday!

The temperatures have dropped in the Berkshires, and we might have to wear a light jacket today.

Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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