Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hello on Tuesday Morning

Dear Friends,

My Tuesday went as planned. Linda observed me working so hard that she felt guilty. She got involved thinning out her closet. By the end of the day, both of our bodies were aching.

My project was to clean up the garage so that both of our cars could fit into it. “Mission Accomplished” as a former President once said. I made three trips to our Resource Recovery plant. I loaded up the Subaru three times as if it was a pickup truck. Good thing that I didn’t use the Kia because I would have made a mess of the vehicle.

I worked non stop from 6 AM until 3 PM. I didn’t go to Retro Fitness on Monday, but my body felt like it got a pretty good workout.

When I came home from my UNICO membership meeting, I tried to read a book and watch the Monday Night Football game in bed. I fell asleep with my glasses on. The book must have fallen out of my hands, and I lost my place in the book.

Linda Planter Fascitis kicked in while she was doing her project, and she could hardly walk as she got through getting rid of multiple clothes.

Observation -- At the UNICO meeting, my friend and I had one of those “Count your lucky stars” moment. As the meeting broke up, my friend and I went over to talk to a baby boomer friend whose wife has Alzheimer’s disease. This friend and his wife are a year or so older than us. Our friend’s wife has a fast moving version of the disease. We asked the husband how his wife was doing. We could see the pain as he was telling us his daily routine. He said that he has to bathe his wife, comb her hair, do her nails, and dress her each day. His wife spends a good portion of the day crying because she knows something is wrong with her, but doesn’t know exactly what the problem is. She has already begun to have trouble speaking, and forming coherent sentences. Recognizing people has become more difficult. Our friend said that his wife has become like his child rather than his spouse.

My friend and I offered to help in whatever way possible that we can. We got the feeling that our friend is pretty much trapped in his own surroundings. Our friend can’t go anywhere, and leave his wife alone.

As we were driving home from the meeting, we were talking about how fortunate that we are with our little aches and pains. My friend and I are motivated even more to enjoy each moment as though it was our last. When we tee off at 9 AM this morning, we are going to relish every moment that we are on the golf course even if we aren’t playing golf that well.

After playing nine holes today, I will be heading to the hospital to visit Mom. I hope that the medical staff has gotten a handle on her infection. Mom wasn’t feeling well the other day. When she said that she knows that she was really sick, then this indicates that something was really wrong with her. My mother often masks an illness or doesn’t tell anyone that she has really needs to see a doctor.

Linda has her Tuesday Mah Jongg session at a friend’s home.

I will be doing a little grilling tonight for supper. I will figure out a menu of something healthy. Yeah Right! Is a steak, baked potato, and some vegetables are healthy meal? A glass of red wine will flush out those bad things that collect in our arteries from eating red meat.

Speaking of healthy things to eat, the chemicals that are put into mass produced chicken, farm grown salmon, farm grown pork, beef, etc. will kill us before our arteries ever clog up.

Unless we grow it and produce it ourselves on our own farms, we are all in trouble.

Yesterday the news media were talking about the fact that they have cloned Salmon which can reproduce at a faster rate than they can in nature. Genetically engineered food will be on our plates soon.

I didn’t mean to depress anyone with my “Observation” this morning. As we go through life whether it is raising your children, working your butt off each day, spending each day in retirement, remember to take time to “smell the roses.” Try to find some joy in what ever you are doing because you never know when and what bumps that you will encounter in the road of life.

Have a great Tuesday.

Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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