Friday, August 8, 2008

Hello on Friday Morning

Dear Friends,

Thursday was a long day for the Curley Lad. I will need a nap after golf with my senior golfers today.

Golf with the usual suspects was over by noon on Thursday. I didn't stay for any 19th hole activities.
I went home and took a shower , and then gathered up my gear for the Patriot Pre-Season Home Game.

The ride to the game was slow. There are certain spots on the Mass Pike where traffic is at a stand still. This happened in the usual spots.
What really got my friend , who drove his car to the game , into orbit was a State Police detail guarding a wide load of trucks hauling steel beams. This detail was driving in the passing lane. Yes, you heard that correctly! The passing lane! The detail was at the busiest part of the Mass Pike when you are trying to reach the main road to Gillette Stadium.

We arrived at the Stadium about an hour before the game. Forget about tailgating!

The game was absolutely awful! We saw every player who was trying to make the team including three back up quarterbacks. No Tom Brady !
We gave up a few minutes after half time started.
The only good thing was that parking at Gillette Stadium is still at $40. You pay $117 for a ticket to the game, and then $40 more to park your car. Is their something wrong with this picture?

Well, I have to get ready for golf with the seniors.

Linda has a day of rest. She was out straight at the Purple Plume for the past couple of days. She made a lot of shoppers very happy!

Have to go and read the local newspaper.

Have a great weekend! The Curley Lad

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