Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hello on Thursday Morning

Dear Friends,

My weeding took a good portion of the morning.
I had the Queen do a quick inspection of what I had accomplished before she went off to work. She wasn't happy when she saw that I hacked up two flowering bushes that produced flowers, and eventually died due to some beetle activity.

Also, for trash pick up day, I put out the cardboard box which the television came in. She told me to put the box back in the garage (which sat in the night time rain). If there is a problem with our television in the 90 day period, you must return the television in the original box. I need supervision at pretty much everything that I

Linda went from work to MahJongg on Wednesday. We communicated for about a minute before I went off to bed.

I did go to bed a happy man since my Sox won. The only problem was that all the team leaders won their games too. The Sox have to win to keep pace with the other teams.

It is travel day for the Red Sox. This is good since a friend and I am off to a Patriot Pre-Season Game this evening.

The Farve saga is finally over. He will be a New York Jet before today is over. This means that the Patriots will see him twice during the regular season.

I am teeing off with the usual suspects at 7:30 AM.
Linda has another shift at the Purple Plume.

Have to select my golf wardrobe.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

1 comment: said...

Hi Fran, I just wanted to let you know that i like your blog. It's cool. It really doesn't mater if it's in an e-mail or a blog, the blog is just a click away. Maybe they don't know how to put your blogspot in their 'favorites', where all you have to do is literally one click and there you are! Either way is fine with me! That's so cute Izzy was all dressed in Red Sox clothes and went to the game, haha. I bet she looked adorable! Tyla and i went to Rhode Island yesterday for some of the stuff we were missing, like Dells lemonade, the spice packet for 'hot weiner sauce' which is pretty much like the stuff they put on your dogs at Coney Island, and pizza strips, lol, which if you haven't had 'em, you don't know what your missing! They are just strips (not triangular pizza slices) of the crust with sauce, and that's it! I was freaked by them when i moved there. lol. But they are awesome. You don't even refrigerate! We also got some 'Saugy's' or as they pronounce them 'Sore-ghees' haha, which are awesome hot dogs made from VEAL. I never find this stuff anywhere but Rhode Island. So after our ventures to these places, we went by our old house to see what they had done with it, and it was FOR SALE! Tyla is VERY excited and wants me to check into the price etc. She can transfer from her job to the Wartwick Mall, and go to school pretty much anywhere for the next 2 years, (which is a whole nutha story) so I am going to do that. Hope all is well. Sandy