Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hello on Wednesday Morning

Dear friends,
Linda is so happy since her 42 inch HD television is all hooked up in the family room. The Gerardi Lad, who could be a member of any geek squad who sets up televisions for living, set the television, and surround system. If we didn't have Steve, we would have had to pay some one to do it.
Of course, when I woke up this morning, everything wasn't working. I called Time Warner, they said that they were doing technical upgrade from 1 AM until 6 AM.
I was the good son yesterday, went off for a visit with my parents. I didn't tell my father that I almost weed whacked two garden snakes in their small back yard. I saw one of the slimy creatures go in a opening near the aging foundation. I hope that the two snakes weren't making babies when I stumbled upon them.
My father said that he saw a snake slither across the living room floor a few months ago. I now know where they probably entered the house.

My friends and I tee off in little over an hour. I have to cut the lawn when golf is over.

Linda has her usual Mah Jongg session today.

Tanglewood on Parade takes place this evening. If there is a hint of rain, the Curleys will not be attending.

I actually want to watch the Red Sox tonight because Mike and his family are going to the game with his family in Kansas. Their excellet seats at the park are a bit cheaper than what we pay for tickets for any of the Boston teams.

I have already had people comment that they don't like the blog idea for my daily e-mails. Of course these are baby boomers who think that going to a blog is too complicated.
Of course, they don't complain when thay are searching for things like air line tickets, and hotels, rental cars, etc.
Both the Red Sox and Yankees lost last evening. Both teams should be beating the teams which they are currently playing. I will blame their losses on Jet Lag.
One of our friends in the Boston area was on their way to the doctors on the streets in downtown Boston. They hit a piece of metal , and got a flat tire. My friend changed his own tire. I tried that myself one time. When the AAA guy took out a baseball bat to loosen the tire / lug nuts, etc., I new that I could never have done it myself.
Have to go and read the local newspaper before going off to the golf links.

The Curley Lad

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