Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hello on Wednesday Morning

Dear Friends,

I can't believe that I used the same title, but it was Tuesday and not Wednesday. My brain must be a day ahead of my body.
Today is Wednesday, and there is a gentle rain falling for a few more hours before the sun comes out.
Tuesday went well for Linda and I. Her MahJongg session only had four people which meant no one had to sit out any games.

My golf went okay. It took me less than 100 strokes to get through 18 holes.
I did give the lawn a trim after golf before taking an afternoon nap.

We decided to stay home last evening. One of our local corn growers started selling his own corn so we pigged out on corn on the cob. A boneless pork chop was the meat for the day.

Linda will be off to the Purple Plume in a few short hours.

I have my usual chores both in and outside the house. One of those tasks is my least favorite which is to weed the flower beds. We have a couple different groups coming to our house for cookouts, and BONCO over the next couple of weeks, and Linda wants the flower beds to look perfect.

I went to bed a happy man last evening since my Red Sox won. They didn't gain any ground since the first place team also won. I tried to get a glimpse of my son and his family, who were at the game in Kansas, but the cameras never focused on them. The new guy for the Red Sox had four hits last night. It appears that the Sox trading Manny turned out to be a good move so far.

I found out what to do with freezer burned hot dog and hamburg rolls. I thaw them in the microwave, and they crumble them up and put the pieces on the railing of the deck for the birds. While we sit in the family room and read the morning newspaper, we watch all species of birds devour the bread. Yesterday, I was busy getting ready for that early morning tee time, and I didn't put out any bread. All the birds started chirping (calling me) to put out their morning treat. I know that some of you are thinking about this bread thing attracting bears. The birds consume all the bread in less than an hour.

Speaking of bears, when my Ohio relatives were at our house on Sunday night, I had to retell the bear story. They couldn't believe that since the houses are so close to one another, and that there are fences on half of our property, that the bears would even bother to come into the yard. Bears are very smart furry creatures. They know where all the free and easy meals can be found. I have been so good this spring and summer. I haven't put out any black oil sun flower seeds at all.

I also decided this year to not put out hummingbird feeders. I have seen several hummingbirds gathering nectar in the many flower beds. Yesterday, I saw one of the those hummingbirds which was the size of a large bubble bee. I did a double take when I first saw it because I really thought that it was a bee and not a hummingbird. I wish that I had a camera.

Well, I rambled long enough.
Have a great Wednesday at work or play.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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