Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hello again on Sunday

Dear Friends,

I forgot to say “Happy Father’s Day” to all the Dad’s out there in Cyber space. For us who were fortunate to have great fathers who raised us: “Thank you” so much!

For us who were fortunate to have children who are now father’s, continue on the tradition of what fathers do with respect to child rearing.

The seemingly small things that dad’s do have a big influence in the lives of their children and future generations. Our son, who lives in Kansas, took his family on a little camping vacation with a two year old daughter and a month and one half old son. Mike probably doesn’t remember, but we took him on a camping trip to Maurice’s Campground in Wellfleet (town on Cape Cod). We had a Starcraft pop up tent camper at the time. Mike slept in a portable crib which fit perfectly in the camper. He was one year old at the time.

A few years later, we went camping with both Kevin and Michael. We were taking a walk on an old logging trail, and I threw a piece of stale gum in the woods. They made me go into a brush pile, and pick up the gum. The schools just taught a lesson on littering, and I was the first litterer whom they caught.

Another thing that we always did was fly kites when we went on Cape Cod vacations. Both of our sons still fly kites. Michael was teaching Isabelle how to fly one when we last visited. Kevin will be teaching Max how to fly one soon. I still own the kite that we purchased at Dr. Gravity’s kite shop on Cape Cod. I think Mike still has his original one too. Kevin use to fly one of those two handed kites. He was a master at it, and always drew a crowd as he made some acrobatic moves. Kevin’s kite took quite a beating because his was plastic. While visiting in North Tewskbury the other day, I noticed Kevin has a new kite too.

We made sure that our children learned how to swim at an early age. They were in the YMCA pool before they were a year old. Michael, Kevin, and me all have our Scuba Certifications (Danielle does too). I would imagine that the grandchildren will get certified when they are old enough to do so.

I am also thankful that my father is still with us at 86 years old. As you see, I picked up the “gift of gab” from my father.

Have a great Father’s Day, and remember what dads do for us throughout the whole year. The Curley Lad

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