Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hello on Saturday Morning

Dear Friends,

Golf went okay on Friday. I just barely broke 100. My team which I was assigned to played okay. We only had to pay two dollars instead of three. Did I contribute to the team during the course of the round? Maybe on one hole! I had missed putts on several holes which could have won the hole for us. My chipping was the only bright spot of my game.
While at the 19th hole yesterday, I was chatting with one of the guys in our foursome. He just closed up his house in Florida, and has been back in the Berkshires for two weeks. He said that it was so cool yesterday (in his mind) that he turned his heat back on. When we teed off at 8:30 AM we were all in shorts and short sleeve shirts. It got warmer and warmer as we finished up the round of golf.
We won’t be playing next Friday because they have a weekend tournament which will tie up the course from Friday through Sunday.

Linda had a body maintenance procedure which went well. When she came home she continued on with drying some old photo graphs which happened to be in a water damaged card box. The photos are all spread out on the bed and floors in one of the bedrooms. I did a batch the day before. When I looked in the garage yesterday, I found another small box of wet pictures. Oh Darn!

I was guilt ridden as I didn’t attend two stags, and didn’t volunteer cooking to help my UNICO brothers and sisters with the Relay for Life event at Onota Lake on Friday night. Instead, we went out with two other couples to the Italian Buffet night at my golf course. We arrived home in time for me to watch the second half of the Red Sox game. The Red Sox are creeping closer to first place in their division.
The Boston Bruins and the Celtics let us down, but we have another Boston team for us New Englanders to cheer about. In September it will be the Patriots who I will be talking about. Just think of all the cities in the United States who have sports teams who don’t seem to have a clue of how to put a winning team on the field of play.

Today my sister organized a little Father’s Day gathering at the “99 Restaurant” for our father. The celebration takes place at noon.
Linda and I would normally be hosting a party on my deck, but since our house is in turmoil, and the first floor toilet isn’t working, and the carpeting has been peeled back to let the drying fans do their work, it would be impossible for us to have a cookout.
We had to have this celebration a day before Father’s Day because my brother-in-laws family is having a family function on Father’s Day for his dad.

The restoration workers won’t be back here until Monday morning. I have a golf date at 9 AM, and Linda is being picked up for her week long adventure on Cape Cod.

This evening we did get invited to attend a lobster fest at a friend’s home, but we decided to take a pass (as of last night). We were figuring that after a lunch at the “99 Restaurant” that we would not be hungry for a Lobster dinner. Maybe our attitude will change as the day progresses.

Well, I have to do some chores, and they could be noisy ones since the jet engine fans are roaring as I type this e-mail.
Have a great weekend since summer has finally arrived.
Talk to you soon! The Curley Lad

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