Friday, June 25, 2010

Hello on Friday Morning

Dear Friends,

Yesterday was a slug day once again. I finished one book, and started another. I gave the lawn a trim in between the morning World Cup soccer, and the afternoon rounds. Yes, I did see Italy get knocked out of the tournament. I wouldn’t want to show my face in Italy if I was a member of this World Cup soccer team.

The special UNICO meeting at our new President’s home went well.

When I arrived home, I fell asleep watching the Red Sox game. The last thing that I remember was that they were leading when I entered the arms of Morpheus. I just found out it was a 5 hour + battle which ended in the 10th inning. The Sox did win the high scoring contest.

Social Calendar – My Irish Sister City President and I will be on WBRK (1340 AM on your radio dial) at 10 AM today. Since neither of us is at a loss of words, the hour long program will fly right by.
After the radio program, my friend and I have to do some UNICO stuff related to our August Golf Tournament.
This evening we have a UNICO Prayer service for a deceased member at 6 PM.

My sister and father are going to take Mom for a ride in my dad’s car this morning. They will be doing this when I am on the radio.

A Massachusetts town made national news by passing out condoms to elementary school students.

I did chat with Linda yesterday. More of her girl friends were arriving at the Cape on Thursday. The weather has been very good at the Cape.

The humidity has departed our area. Berkshire County didn’t get any of those violent storm which hit parts of the Northeast!

So far my bird feeder has not been visited by any bears. I am still battling the squirrels, and chipmunks that eat most of my sunflower seeds.
While in my screened in room on the deck the other day, I thought that I saw a Bobcat. This was in the early evening. I was reading a book, and not watching television. I watched the Bobcat go into a set of bushes next to a flower bed. A squirrel was at the bird feeder, and he bolted from my deck to a nearby tree. The squirrel knew that danger was on the horizon. I waited for something to happen, but I think that the bobcat went under a fence into a neighbor’s yard.
The bobcat could have been after my little bunny friend who lives under my storage shed.

Observation – I hope that the City of Pittsfield repaints the lines on our roads. A good number of people seem to drive their cars over the lines. If a road has a severe curve, people seem to be driving in my lane.
Another thing that scares me is people who drive cars with the top of their heads just above the steering wheel. Some people are just short, but other people recline their seats to that position. I don’t know how these people can see in all directions. Maybe some people are hiding from the police. Others might be thinking that they are wannabee race car drivers. Whatever it is, I think that it is dangerous.

Have a great weekend!
Get out and enjoy the sunshine!
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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