Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hello on Thursday Morning

Dear Friends,

The day went from joy to sadness in a heartbeat when the washing machine hose burst and started a flow of misery. When Linda woke me from my afternoon nap telling me that there was a problem with the washing machine, my immediate thought was: “What was the big deal?” As I descended the stairs to the first floor, and I was greeted with at least two inches of water, and I knew that there was a problem!
Linda had been washing multiple sets of her clothes. She was on her final load of white clothes. She even put in some bleach. It is then when the hose burst. Linda was on the second floor wrapping some shower gifts in the spare bedroom when the nightmare occurred.
After Linda made the call to Liberty Mutual, a man from a restoration company was there within 30 minutes. The restoration company is based out of my home town of Lee. Within one hour there were two company trucks with fans, dehumidifiers, and personnel removing fallen ceiling tiles, items in cardboard boxes which were completely soaked. The wet stuff was removed to the garage. A third guy arrived, who acted like the general of the operation, directed the other workers.
The restoration crew is coming back at 9 AM this morning. At some point today, they will be lifting up a portion of the linoleum floors, and carpeting to assess whether flooring items have to be replaced or not.
The first person who came to the house said that washing machine hoses should be replaced every 5 years. He gave me a 10% off coupon, and I bought replacement hoses at Home Depot. He suggested the braided hoses were the best ones to purchase instead of the rubber ones. I decide to replace both hoses. The guy replaced them for me, and checked to see if the washing machine was working properly, which it was. The guy had to keep the hoses as evidence of the cause of the water damage.
The commercial sized fans and dehumidifiers have been on all night in the basement and on the first floor where the damage has occurred.
There will be no party at the Curley’s this weekend. Oh Darn!

Social Calendar – The Third Thursday is the only thing on the Curley agenda for today. We both might need an escape from the current confusion in our house.

Weather – The morning rain will be giving way to sunshine. Having rain on a Third Thursday event would be a total disaster. Temperatures in the low 70’s will make tonight’s event a pleasant one. The summer like weather starts on Friday, and goes through next week!

Sports – I have my Red Sox starting at 6 PM this evening, and the Celtic’s playing the final game in the Championship series starting at 9 PM. I will listen to the Sox on a portable radio while at the Third Thursday, and watch the Celtics at Patrick’s Pub if everything goes well.

Observation – I received a late night e-mail from our son Michael in Kansas. They were on a day trip to St. Louis, MO. While at a park, and in broad daylight, and no more than 100 feet from their Suburban, thieves broke into their vehicle. The thieves took anything that was electronic including both of their I pods which were in a backpack in the vehicle. They couldn’t even call the police. Mike is estimating about $1000 worth of stuff was stolen. It appeared to have been a trying day for at least two of the Curley family members on Wednesday. Let us hope that nothing happened of a negative nature for Kevin, Kyla, and Max in North Tewksbury.

Well, have a great Thursday.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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