Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hello on Sunday Morning

Dear Friends,

Since I have been alone since last Monday, I decided to have one of those impromptu cookouts. It actually was a cook in because of the weather. I wanted to invite more people, but I would have needed another set of hands to pull off the event. Everything turned out wonderful. I grilled vegetables first. The vegetable which I selected were Portobelllo mushrooms, asparagus, Vidalia onions, green and yellow zucchini, red & green peppers, and for some extra color cubanelle’s (yellow peppers).
After the vegetables were cooked, I grilled chicken legs, thighs, and a couple of boneless chicken breasts for people who don’t like to play with chicken bones.
The neighbors grilled some skewers which consisted of turkey kielbasa, shrimp, and pineapple. The evening started with these wonderful appetizers.
The highlight of the meal was the homemade blueberry pie. Judie Culver, who in a different life was a home economics teacher, made the pie. Everyone at the dinner table raved about how good the pie was. Of course, we all had a dollop of vanilla ice cream with the pie. I told her that the pie was so good that she could make a fortune if she sold her recipe to a commercial company.
The party consisted of 7 adults, and our grandchild Max. Max loved the blueberry pie too. I wish I had a camera. The pictures would have been great.

We did invite another couple who live on our street, but their grandchild was running a temperature, and they were going to take her to the hospital. Oh Darn!

Speaking of Max and his mom, they didn’t go directly to our house when they arrived in Pittsfiled. They went to the Target Store at the Berkshire Mall. Kyla purchased a 12 foot by 15 foot tent for their Fourth of July camping adventure. They are going to a dog friendly campground with a bunch of their friends over the holiday weekend. I think that she might be going back again to Target to purchase a canopy.
I can’t wait for the all the pictures that they will be taking during this Holiday trip.

Sports – I did watch the World Cup American Soccer team go down to defeat in overtime. I didn’t see the Red Sox game, but they were victorious. The negative was that the Red sox pitcher injured his knee. This wouldn’t have happened if they were playing an American League team because the pitcher never comes to bat. The American League allows a designated hitter.

Today is our Irish American Club Golf Tournament. My foursome is going to arrive at 11 AM. Some of group will be hitting a bucket of balls before lunch and we will tee off time at noon time.
While I am at Golf, Kyla will be attending a 11:30 AM Bridal Brunch. One of Kevin’s friends is getting married soon. His friend’s mom and the mother of the bride to be are putting on the shower. It will take place a groom’s family home in Pittsfield.
Since children aren’t allowed to attend the shower, my sister has graciously volunteered to baby sit Max. She will do so in her own home.
The sad thing is that I won’t even be around when Kyla and Max depart for North Tewksbury since we have a sit down roast beef dinner at 6 PM after the last foursome comes in.

News – A 66 year old woman from India gave birth to triplets. They showed this woman, who looked old, and her triplets. When they interviewed her husband he said that he wanted to have children to manage their farm after they are gone. They needed help from a fertility clinic for this to happen.
My thought is that this couple is too old to be raising children. Just having one child would be difficult for a 66 year old woman to bring up.
Can you imagine that 20 years from now, she will be 86 years old with three 20 year old children? My dad is 86 right now, and he is experiencing his own physical challenges never mind keeping tabs on three children.
After the week long baby sitting gig that Linda and I had a couple of weeks ago we too realized that child rearing is a young person’s game. I never made it past 10 PM each night while we were in charge. Chasing around an 11 month old can be quite exhausting, and I am only 63!

There is the usual mayhem throughout the world, but I was wondering where all these people come from to protest these summits of our world leaders. Why do these protests have to become violent? I want to know who the protesters are. I want the protesters to explain how they can beget change through violence. The host country has to spend so much money security wise, could they have a summit without telling the world where they are having it?

The supposed bobcat in our back yard was not a bobcat. It was a tiger stripped house cat. Kyla and Max actually had the cat come up to them while sitting on a bench on our deck. The cat loved them so much that he came to the screen door while I was watching the World Cup soccer match. The cat wanted Max and Kyla to come out and play. The cat was in our yard hovering and hiding in the bushes hoping to nab a bird. I don’t know why these stray cats want to come live with us.

Well, I don’t have a great amount of quiet time before Max wakes up.
It is so quiet and peaceful right now.
If I can read one of our two Sunday newspapers that would be great.
Have a great Sunday!
I know that mine will be super.

P.S. Linda did call on Saturday from a beach at Cape Cod. The number of women went from three to fourteen. I asked Linda when she was coming home. She said that they were coming home late Monday. She said that the weather was beach like all week so that they didn’t do any shopping. They were going shop and eat their way off of the Cape, and it will take all day long to do so. I will most likely be in bed when she arrives home from her trip.

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