Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hello on Saturday Morning

Dear Friends,

It was another quiet day for me in the Berkshires.
The Radio program went okay, but my friend outtalked me.

I watched a little World Cup Soccer before heading off to the 6 PM UNICO prayer service for a deceased past president of the organization.

My first activity today is to prepare for the arrival of Kyla and Max. There really isn’t much to prepare for. The house is in turmoil, and bare wood is exposed in the first floor entry way, and laundry room. I have to look for some children’s toys, but the cellar, where we stored a box of toys, is in turmoil too.
They should be arriving in Pittsfield around supper time. I am going to cook some chicken and vegetables on the grill.

The United States soccer team does play today. I will be watching the game for sure. It is a “do or die” situation. If they lose, they go home.
I tried watching the Red Sox last night, but the game didn’t start until 10:15 PM. They were losing when I put the radio in sleep mode. They eventually did lose the game. They are on earlier today so maybe I will be able to watch the game.

I have to call my sister to see how the car ride for Mom went yesterday. I am hoping that there were no complications, and that she enjoyed getting out of the nursing home.

My sister has volunteered to take of Max while Kyla is at the Bridal shower brunch on Sunday morning. I will be at the Skyline Country Club playing in the Irish American Club golf tournament. I will be at the golf course about the same time as Kyla attends the brunch.

Observation – I see that a trailer truck in California got stopped for a traffic violation. There was a particular odor coming from the truck. Low and behold they discovered $45 million dollars worth of drugs. This got me thinking who is purchasing and using these drugs? First of all, I have just about enough money to afford a 30 pack of Budlight! I know what the negative effects of alcohol can do to a body if a person uses alcohol in access. I have no desire to try cocaine, or the legal in Massachusetts (in personal use amounts) marijuana.
I can still see that guy who I shared a room with (for a brief time) during one of my hospital stays. This guy was going through a drug withdrawal, and he was trying to trick the nurses into giving him pain medication. The guy looked like crap. His girlfriend tried to calm him down as he berated the nurses because they didn’t give him pain meds. He finally got up and left the hospital, and said that he was going to the streets to get pain medication.
He didn’t look like he had a cent to his name. Where was he going to get money to purchase a fix? He was probably like the people who broke into my son’s car in Kansas. These people break into our homes, cars, etc., and steal our possessions, and sell them for just about what it costs to get the drugs which they are hooked on.
What a way to live?
Maybe if people got a job (even it was a menial one), and worked all day, they would be too tired to think about a life of drug dependency.

Well, I have to prepare the house for an almost one year old.
I have to make a grocery run, select the vegetables which Kyla likes grilled.
I did try to invite a friend whose wife is on a business trip, but he was visiting his parents who have a home on Cape Cod.

Have a great weekend!
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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