Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hello on Tuesday Morning

Dear Friends,

The Queen has come back home for her Monday to Monday Cape Cod adventure. The three amigos, who roomed together for the week, arrived earlier than had planned. They shopped their way of off the Cape, but they were rushed due to storms which they tried to beat as they exited the Cape.

I went to bed around 10 AM as Linda was reading the 165 messages which had accumulated on the computer. She read all of my daily bog messages first. She actually got upset because I used one of my favorite phrases that “Separation is good” a bit too much. She said that a person reading my e-mails might get the impression that a divorce for the Curley’s is on the horizon. She must have forgotten my other which I use frequently; “It is too difficult to train a new one.” Most of our close friends know that it is a temporary separation that it is good for both partners.
I actually missed her after about four days, but I am not sure if the reverse is true!

I spent most of Monday doing things around the house. I watched some World Cup soccer in the afternoon before I headed off to two UNICO meetings at the Italian American Club. Actually a third meeting did take place, but I am not a member of the Charity Board.

I imagine that Linda is going to sleep a little later before she goes off to her Tuesday Mah Jongg session. Wednesday she will be on the telephone with our insurance company getting things moving with respect to getting our house back to normal. The insurance company is starting to come out with a low ball estimate for repairing the damages. Let the battle begin!

Politics – Well the old “Byrd” finally passed away at 92 years old. To be in the Senate for 50 years is quite an accomplishment. I am not a proponent of term limits which many of my e-mails readers are. I don’t see why a person can’t be a professional politician if they do a good job for the people whom they represent. If the constituents think other wise, then they can vote the person out of office. If the politician makes a few bucks during his term of office, I also think that this is no big deal as long as it is done legally.
I also see that the right to bear arms has not been taken away which was a Supreme Court decision. I am not sure if the court’s decision will affect places like Chicago who have declared a ban on hand guns.
In this whacky society which we have right now, maybe this was a good decision. It has become like the Wild West out there not only in our larger cities, but even in our local communities. I watch the Albany, New York news channels (since we in Pittsfield are in that market), and a Boston new channel every day. The shootings, stabbings, and assaults seemed to happen and to be reported on a daily basis. Not everyone has been brought up being taught the Ten Commandments, especially the one about “Thow shall not kill!”

Sports – The Red Sox and the Yankees had the day off on Monday. The Sox host Tampa Bay tonight at 7 PM so you know what I will be doing.

Our neighbors across the street are getting very close to departing from their house. The movers were filling up a large moving van yesterday, and it is parked outside of their house right now. I am guessing that I will be saying “Goodbye” to them at some point either today or tomorrow. It is just another phase of life that some of us go through. Living and dieing in the family home doesn’t happen too often anymore. We go from the large house, to the smaller house, to the condo (sometimes), to the nursing home before we meet our Maker!

Supper – I am thinking grilled food for supper this evening. I do miss cooking for someone other than me. This is why I had that impromptu cookout on Saturday night.
As a matter of fact, the only night that I ate outside the home, when Linda was on her Cape Cod trip, was Sunday at the Irish American Golf Club Tournament. Linda on the other hand ate out every night with her girlfriends.

Well, it is back to being quiet in the morning. No starting the washing machine and drier at 5 AM. I now have someone to bug. I now have some one to create work for.
I did notice that the weeds in the flower beds need to be dealt with too. Now that is a quiet activity which I am not excited about doing.

Have a great Tuesday.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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