Friday, June 18, 2010

Hello on Friday Morning

Dear Friends,

The workers were feverishly removing the debris, ripping up linoleum floors, opening up carpeted areas, and drying carpets, removing padding beneath some carpeted areas. The washing machine, dryer, and toilet in the laundry room are now sitting in the garage, and the jet engine type fans are still going. Luckily there is no structural damage because the water wasn’t dripping for a long time. I guess it is just a bump in the road of home ownership! The guy in charge of everything said that hot water tank failure, burst hoses on washing machines, and chimney fires keep him in business.

Well, the Celtics couldn’t win the big one, but they did come close. The Red Sox won their game, so I went to bed semi happy last night.

The Third Thursday went very well. Linda handled money as I cooked Irish Bangers. I did require a little break toward the end. We sold all 20 pounds of the Irish Bangers, and we also ran out of Irish Whiskey Cake. Everyone who did sign up to work did show up. The 50 / 50 winner was one of our workers. I hope that the Public doesn’t think that the raffle was fixed. We don’t do the July and August Third Thursday’s. There was some talk about doing them this year since we were so successful last evening. We do have the Ethnic Fair on August 8, 2010.
The closing off North Street made for a great crowd also. I hope that the local newspaper has a good article about the Third Thursday.

After cleaning up, most of us ended up at Patrick’s Pub. There was much food, fun, and merriment before our night was over. Linda and I left the Pub a little before midnight, and just about the time that the Celtic Game finally ended.

Social Calendar – Linda has a couple of body maintenance procedures while I tee off with the seniors today at 8:30 AM. I think that we are going back to the Berkshire Hills for supper this evening. It is Italian Buffet night! We missed it last year, and some friends said that it was wonderful.

The dog sitting this weekend is not going to take place. There are too many exposed areas, and the dogs could get some slivers, or step on staples, and nails.

Well, I have to empty the car which is full of stuff which was needed for the Third Thursday. I have to do this just to get the golf clubs in there.
Have a great weekend!
Summer like weather is starting today.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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