Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hello on Thursday Morning

Dear Friends,

I almost turned the heat on yesterday. It never made it to 60 degrees here in the Berkshires. The rain moved in early than had been predicted. Essentially it was a dark and dreary day. I never got a chance to give the lawn a trim. I stayed in my Pajamas until Max took an afternoon nap.

Our grandson woke up with a big smile once again. He did have a little sluggish period during the middle of the day. He felt a little warm which was verified by my sister who stopped by to drop off a bouncy type of toy. Max skipped lunch and fell asleep in my arms around 2 PM as Linda went off to get some children’s liquid pain medication (not Tylenol). When he woke up from his afternoon nap, he was back to his usual self.
Max has been crawling, but when I made a comment about Max’s crawl being a lot like a slither rather than a crawl, Linda said our oldest son Michael started off that way too.

Today is the grand opening of Shakespeare and Company 2010 Season. Since a friend advertises in their play booklet, she is allowed four passes to the donor gala event. We have been going to this event for the past few years. I love the complimentary wine and beer cocktail hour along with a great variety of appetizers. Linda will represent the family since I will be watching Max. This doesn’t sound as bad as it seems. The last few years, us males have been enjoying the Cocktail hour (6 PM to 8 PM), but skipping the play while our wives stay for the play. It wouldn’t be bad if I missed a few cocktail hours, but I will miss all the socializing.
If I didn’t go to the Shakespeare event, I would be helping out with a Pasta Fund Raiser for Big Brothers and Big Sisters at the Italian American Club.

We are in for another day of cool weather with the possibility of seeing the sun poking through the clouds. I hope that we do get a summer like weather soon.

Observation – The oil spill continues. There is a good deal of blaming President Obama for the mess in the Gulf like they did when President Bush was trying to solve the aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina disaster.
As I watching one of those Nick Jr. programs with Max yesterday, the theme was on blaming someone else when you do something wrong. This is a BP problem, and there is no one else to blame. Bring in the best minds in the world and solve the darn problem. If that is what has been done, then stop blaming our leader!

A few of the above out of town e-mail recipients will be busy this weekend. One of two sons will be getting married. The weather might even cooperate by the time the weekend arrives.
Congratulations to the proud parents and to their son who has determined that he has found his soul mate. Marriage to the right person is a wonderful thing!
Congratulations to another male who realizes that “Man cannot live on bread alone!”

I fell asleep during the Red Sox game. The roar of the crowd as a Cleveland batter hit a Grand Slam woke me up, and I went to bed. It was 11 to 0 when I shut off the television.

Afghanistan – How and why would a suicide bomber blow himself up in the middle of a wedding and kill 40 people in this war torn region? The hate that these crazies have must have been programmed in him / her since birth. If this was done in the name of some religious beliefs, then get rid of the religion or rethink its tenets!

Well, I have some quiet chores to take care of.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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