Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hello on Sunday Morning

Dear Friends,

It was so dark, dreary, and rainy in the Berkshires on Saturday that I felt bad for people having graduation parties, June brides hoping for a sunny day, and me planning on taking Max for a ride in his stroller.
My lawn keeps on growing quite nicely, but I will be making only a couple of passes before I will have to empty the grass clipping bags when I am able to cut the lawn. Our flowers our growing great too, and this is happening without me having to give them a drink.

Max and I took a morning nap on Saturday. We were watching a children’s program called “Yo Gabba, Gabba”. The program was on falling asleep which I proceeded to do around 10 AM. I had Max in my arms at the time.

Yesterday’s cookout was a “cook in” except that the meat and potatoes were cooked on a grill by the host. As I suspected, there were some people who had a deep aversion to eating lamb. The host cooked hamburgers, hot dogs, and kielbasa to accommodate their tastes. The lamb was cooked to perfection. I say this because some pieces were cooked rare, which I prefer, and other pieces were cooked through. Fresh yellow beans from a local farmer’s market, a tomato and mozzarella platter along with some delicious mixture of olives.
Most of us were quite stuffed, but we all found room for a piece of cheese cake. This was a great tasting Cheese Cake Charlie’s Cheese cake which the hosts purchased at Cosco’s. The cheese cake was wonderful, and of medium texture. The hostess said that the cheese cake freezes well, and it tasted like it just came from the bakery.

Oops! I almost forgot to mention that we did have appetizers which included a cheese platter, some potato skins, basic chips and dips. One family brought some home made crab cakes. I would never order them in a restaurant because they normally contain more filling than crab. Well, these crab cakes were the best that I had ever tasted.

Well, another set of friends got to experience how good natured our grandson from North Tewksbury really is. As grandparents, of course we always think that he is just the perfect child. Well, these people got to see Max in action, and they now believe every word that I have been saying all week. Linda fed him before we sat down for the main meal. When we all finally sat down (close to 7 PM), Max dined with us right through dessert. His dessert was Graham Crackers. He never cried, whimpered at all, or made any gesture to get out of his booster chair. Like I said before, the workers at the day care which he goes to in North Tewksbury asked Kevin and Kyla if Max is always that good? The answer was a big “Yes!”
Even some of the females at the party said that they would have a whole litter of babies if they were all had the temperament of our grandchild.

Sports – I did watch the USA team tie the team from England in World Cup Soccer. I also caught bits and pieces of the Red Sox beating up on the Phillies in a rain drenched Fenway Park. I have the Sox and Celtics to keep me entertained today.

Social Calendar – Linda and a girlfriend are going off to Country Curtains for their 75 % off sale which starts at noon. I believe that they are going to do breakfast before going to the sale. This means that I will be in charge of taking care of Max for multiple hours today.

Nothing exciting has been happening on the political front. The oil spill continues. People in the Gulf region want BP to clean up the mess faster.

This is why I always say that family and friends should occupy most of your waking hours. Enjoying every moment that you have on earth, and not sweating the little stuff should be everyone’s top priority. Life is Good!

Have a great Sunday.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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