Monday, June 14, 2010

Hello on Monday Morning

Dear Friends,

Sunday was a cloudy day weather wise, but not a drop of rain fell in Pittsfield. My lawn never did dry out so I wasn’t able to cut it. The weeds in the flower beds need attention too.
We are going to finally see the sun along with some clouds in the Berkshires as temperatures rise to near 80 degrees today. My grass will finally dry out, but I won’t be home to cut it today. Oh Darn!
Too bad that I didn’t have one of those wives who could run a lawn mower, and was strong like an Ox, and could deal with bags of grass clippings.

I will be returning Max to North Tewksbury just about the time he would normally be going down for his mid morning nap. Linda will not be joining me for the ride to Tewksbury. She has her Monday afternoon golf, Tuesday Mah Jongg session as well as a body maintenance procedure which she can’t change.

I might be staying at Kevin and Kyla’s on Tuesday to baby sit for Max since Kevin will not be having his normal Tuesday day off. Also, Kyla has to go back to work on Tuesday. The Phish Concert in Hershey, PA didn’t start until 7 PM on Sunday night. I think that Kevin and Kyla stayed in PA after the concert. They have at least a 7 hour drive to get back to North Tewksbury assuming that here are no traffic delays.
I hope they make it back before their son goes to bed this evening. They both haven’t seen their son in over a week. Of course, Max has had the best baby sitters in the world while they were busy.

Sports – The Red Sox couldn’t complete a sweep against the Phillies.
I did go to be a happy man because the Celtics beat the Lakers in a playoff game last evening in Boston. It was a hard fought and close battle. The Celtics lead the Championship series by a 3 games to 2 games margin. They are heading of to California as they get ready to do battle with the Lakers on their home court. If a game seven is needed, it too will take place in California.

Our Irish Sister City group is gearing up for another Third Thursday which take place this week, I am picking up 20 pounds of Irish Bangers on Wednesday at Guido’s Market. If any of my readers are free this Thursday, you are welcome to stop in and try some Irish Bangers, and Irish Whiskey Cake for a nominal fee. We will be selling our food right in front of Pasko’s Gift and Frame on North Street (diagonally across from the YMCA). We will have an Irish Band playing next to our booth. The band is called “Dublin Porter.” Also, you won’t have to worry about being run over by cars since they will be closing sections of North Street down. It will be open to foot traffic only!

Observation – As we age, we slowly begin to shrink. Linda’s has noticed it in her body already. She was washing some baby clothes the other day, and she couldn’t reach the bottom of the washing machine, and grab some baby socks. We will have to keep a step stool in the laundry room if I am not around when she washes clothes.
You might be thinking that we should get some front loading machines when our current machines expire. Not! We have washed clothes in front loading Maytag machines when visiting relatives. You have to have long arms like basketball players to reach in side the washing machine or dryer to get the clothes. They oughtt to design washing machines and dryers made specifically for senior citizens who aren’t as nimble as they were when they were in their 30’s. I suppose if we were rich, we could hire someone to wash and dry our clothes.

Well, I have to pack a duffel bag with some clothes. I also have to gather up all the baby stuff which is going back to Tewksbury.
Linda is a little nervous that I am going to North Tewksbury without her. She thinks that I need a co-pilot. She also said that if I do have to make a restroom stop on the Mass Pike to take Max with me, and not leave him in the car. Would I ever do such a thing?
How about the two adults who got arrested this past weekend for leaving two children in the car in the parking lot of a Casino while they went off to gamble? The children were left unattended for a whole hour before the authorities located the parents and had the parents arrested.

Have a great week at work or play.
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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