Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hello on Thursday Morning

Dear Friends,

I enjoyed a slug like day on Wednesday after the Family meeting at the nursing home.
The meeting went well. What my sister, my dad, and I found out was that Mom is getting out of her room. The staff does take her to Mass on Monday, the occasional rosary, outdoors to get fresh air, enjoying entertainment at the nursing home, etc. We were under the impression that she sits in her wheel chair, and stays in her room all day long.

I watched part of World Cup soccer game that the Americans eventually won. I did some errands, and watched the afternoon soccer games also. I started a new book which Linda got me for Father’s Day.

I did have my chicken Novena before settling down to watch the Red Sox do battle. Yes, I saw the Red Sox go into the ninth inning with a one run lead, only to get beat. A pinch hitter came up with one man on base. He hits a home run off of the Red Sox closer, Jonathan Papplebon. Game over!

I have a bunch of chores to do throughout the day before I go to a special UNICO meeting at 6 PM at the new President’s home.

Speaking of UNICO, an elderly past President of UNICO passed away. We have a wake service at 6 PM on Friday night. The mild mannered person was a Spanish and Italian teacher at Pittsfield High School.

The weatherman says that we are going to get a little thunderstorm before noontime. It is humid right now. It seems like we are in a pattern of a day of nice weather, and then a front passes on through. I just wanted to return to low humidity, and nice weather for the Sunday Irish American Golf Tournament. Right now, the Sunday forecast is looking pretty good!

Well, it is Thursday, I am starting to miss someone to bug!

It appears to be the same old, same old throughout our nation and the world. The usual disorder and mayhem just continues to roll on. The oil in the gulf is still leaking, one General replaces the other General in the Afghan conflict, wakes and funeral for fallen soldiers seem to be the norm, people are being shot in the tough sections of cities and towns, natural disasters destroy homes, and some people die from the storms, etc.
Maybe if everyone was happy in their own little world, we wouldn’t have so many conflicts.

Observation – I was watching a segment on television on whether to take vitamins or not. The basic gist of the article was to eat vegetables and fruits along with the main portion of the meal, and throw away the vitamins. I also didn’t realize that the FDA doesn’t regulate vitamins. I didn’t realize that you can overdose on vitamins because consuming too much of them could be toxic. If you get outdoors for several hours per day, you might not need Vitamin D.
The article did say that there were certain vitamins that a pregnant woman should take.
During the article, they also focused on a family supper. I got to thinking about how many families really sit down to family meals during a 7 day period. Even though we have created hectic schedules for ourselves, and our family, we should make time to sit down together for family meals as often as possible.
It takes a very short amount of time to fire up the grill, and to cook any type of red meat, fish, or poultry, or vegetables.

Well, I have to get to my first chore!
Have a great Thursday!
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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