Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hello on Saturday Morning

Dear Friends,

Another day with Max went very well. Of course, I wouldn’t know about the 5.5 hours which Linda took care of him while I was chasing around a little white ball at Berkshire Hills Country Club.
Yes, I took care of Max when he first woke up, but then Max and I had to wake Linda before I left the house for golf.
. I did notice that Linda was a bit more relaxed when I walked in the door. Prior practice when we had our two boys most likely helped out.

I once again just barely broke 100, but the team that I was assigned to didn’t win. My Lee High Wildcat friend and I played with the senior who shot 12 pars the week before. Well, he was off of his game this week. Could it be that the Wildcats are a bad influence no matter which team that we are assigned to?
The pizza party went very well. The two containers of anchovies which I brought were a big hit. Of course, only three other friends would even touch the epicurean delights.

I came home, and said “Hi” to Max and went off for my nap. Linda kept Max up for a little while before putting him to bed for his afternoon nap. We both woke up from our naps at the same time.

We did decide to go out to the Shamrock Restaurant and Pub for supper last evening with our Dalton friends. We went early, and walked right in and sat right down. If we went at our usual 6:30 PM eating time, we would have had to wait.
Max was so good once again. Everyone in the place wanted to give him a hug. Max even started touching the waitress’ derriere when she came over to take our order. We went right home after supper, and got in our pajamas. I watched the Red Sox go on to victory. I went to bed right after the game.
My quiet time is in the morning. Linda’s quiet time is when after Max and I go to bed at night.
Max and I will really try and be quiet this morning so that Linda can get some extra sleeping time.
I already know that I will require an afternoon nap.

Social Calendar – I have to cut the lawn and weed whack today after the dew laden lawn dries out.
This evening we are going to a cookout with several other couples. I think Lamb might be the meat for the evening. I think that the only time that I have lamb is when I get invited to a cookout at this friends’ house. I did hear mention of some kind of fish being grilled also for those people who have an aversion to eating lamb.

Linda chatted with our daughter-in-law yesterday. She returned fro her conference in Colorado, and she said that she was getting her car greased and oiled for their trip to Hershey, PA. This is where the musical band “Phish” will be performing. She said that they were departing early today for PA.
I do love the fact that Kevin’s birthday is on the 13th of June, their anniversary is on the 14th of June, and Kyla’s birthday is on the 15th of June. As my memory starts to fade, I think it will be easy to still remember these important dates.

I still haven’t firmed up the return of Max to their home in North Tewksbury. The departure date is set for Monday, but I am nor sure about whether I am going to remain in Tewksbury for an extra day.

Observation – As our baby sitting gig is coming to a close, I was thinking about all the little ones who are born into this world. As I see our sons and their families interact with one another, I can se that our grandkids will have a good start when they are old enough to attend pre-school, and school in general. I have said this before, but I really see a need of children being born into two person households. Yes, I know some people are trying to function as single Moms, and I do praise them for their efforts, but from what I observe, a father figure is so important. I don’t want to offend the “same couple” families who are lucky enough to raise children. A report on lesbian couples that came out this week, said that the children being raised in this type of relationship end up very well adjusted. I guess if someone got offended by me referring to a father figure then maybe I should have said just having two sets of hands to help with child rearing is so important.
When I was teaching, some of my students ended up getting pregnant before they even finished high school. Some of these students came from parents who had them when they were teenagers too. I thought that people are supposed to learn from their mistakes or the mistakes of others.

Have a great Saturday!
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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