Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hello on Sunday morning

Dear Friends,

We had a pleasant day on Saturday. We did go off to the “99 Restaurant” with dear old dad. While we were waiting for my sister to arrive, the waitress spilled drinks on the side of the table next to Tom and Linda. It was all cleaned up by the time my sister walked in. The meal was good, but the waitress was too efficient, and she stopped by to many times to see if everything was okay. She also was in a rush to pick up plates as soon as somebody finished their meal.

We went our separate ways after the lunch. Linda and I did a few errands together until I got bored, and stressed that I wanted to watch the Red Sox and golf. She rested for a while before heading off to use some Macy’s coupons. She arrived home just about the time that the Red Sox pulled the game out in the bottom of the ninth with men on first and second with two men out. Pedroia hit a game winning single.

I cooked us a burger on the grill for supper.

Since my man cave is unavailable for use, I watched the sporting contests in the screened in room on the deck.

Golf kept my interest too. Tiger Woods ended the round in third place which means that people will be watching the final round today. He was starting to look like the Tiger Woods of old. He did overcome a big deficit to get to a third place spot in the tournament.

Social Calendar – Linda planned on having this day free. She has to do her final packing for her Cape Cod adventure with her girl friends. The girlfriends aren’t all arriving on the same day. Some ladies aren’t staying as long as Linda and two other roommates. Linda leaves on Monday, and won’t return until next Monday. Oh, I will really miss her!

The Turmoil – Rooms and carpets are still drying out. The jet engine sounding fans are still on high. I might shut them off for a while so that I can read the two Sunday papers in total peace and quiet. I would read the newspapers in the screened in room, but there is a little rain falling right now, and it is a little cool to sit out there.
Linda asked the guy if they could put the reconstruction on hold since she will be away. The head guy said that it was no problem at all. You wouldn’t want a color blind person selecting new flooring material, or selecting new paint colors for any walls.

Observation – The stores were packed when we went off to Home Depot and Walmart after lunch with dad. I told Linda that is why I like to go early when the stores are open and usually empty. After making our purchases in Home Depot, Linda went into Walmart while I put the Home Depot purchases in the car. She came out of Walmart before I could meet up with her. Maybe she is finally realizing that the “Early bird gets the worm.” Will she change the time that she will go to the stores, probably not in my life time!
Everyone’s biological clocks / rhythms are pretty much set at birth, and you can’t mess with genetics.

Well, I have to get to the newspaper reading, and really enjoy this slug like day. I might go off to Lee and cut my father’s postage size lawn, and see what ever else needs to be done in Lee. Linda will be able to read the newspapers without me bugging her.
The flower beds are also full of weeds since I haven’t touched them in two weeks, but I might save that job until next week.
Have a great Sunday!
Talk to you soon. The Curley Lad

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